Saturday, May 29, 2010

Watch Out for Frank C.

Oh, I dare say there is some family drama and some other drama too. I wish I could call Margaret and get the full story. Here's her message to her cousin, Reed (or Reid?) Sparling:
Corinth, NY
Dec. 19. 1906.
Cousin Reed:-
Have decided not to go down to Aunt Lucy's Xmas. "W" is not coming up, but guess I will not go. Will explain when I see you. Frank C. has got it in for you.
from Margaret


  1. Based on Margaret's comments, I'm guessing the German-American Club was a fine place to hang out and eaves drop on some good gossip!

  2. I "googled" Reed Sparling. A modern day Reed Sparling has written a book called "Hudson River Voyage". Maybe he's your Reed Sparling's ancestor. Sure would like to know why Frank C. has it in for him.
    Sorry to have made you cry. I wish I had known Uncle Bob.

  3. This is actually tormenting me. I laid awake last night, wondering what sinister plot Frank C. had planned for Reed, why Margaret wasn't going to Aunt Lucy's for Christmas, and whether these two things were related...



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