Sunday, May 23, 2010

Streetcar Sunday - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This postcard dates from about 1915. It shows trams crossing a canal in Amsterdam at Plantage Middenlaan. Amsterdam's tram or streetcar system was operated by several private companies until the City took them over and consolidated them into one system in 1900. In that same year, they introduced the first electric trams. They also took over the Amsterdam Omnibus Company, creating  a new corporation called the Gemeentetram (Municipal Tram Corporation.) Decades later, the corporation  merged with the ferry services, creating  a new organization called the Gemeentevervoerbedrijf (GVB) or Municipal Transport Corporation. Today it is simply known as GVB.

Here's a Google Maps view of the same area today. Allow me to add that I have never had so much fun looking for a place on Google maps as I did with this one. I wanted to just keep going down the streets. If you can't afford a vacation this year, you may want to consider visiting Amsterdam via Google maps. The only catch is that it will make you want to hop on a plane for a real visit.

View Amsterdam in a larger map
Here's another view of a streetcar in Amsterdam. Truus, who lives in Amsterdam sent me this card through Postcrossing. Truus also has a postcard blog, called Truus Postcrossing, with all of the cards she has received through Postcrossing. There's another opportunity to travel around the world without leaving your desk. This card is a reproduction of an old one in the Amsterdam City Archives.
 This horse-drawn streetcar is on the Rembrandtplein, viewed from near the Reguliersbreestraat. That's in case you want to see if you can find it on Google maps and see what it looks like today!


  1. i visited amsterdam several times in my twenties...goodness! that means i haven't been back for almost twenty years...this post has inspired me to put that right some time soon!

    thanks for dropping by my still chuckling about the salted capers comment!

  2. These are two great postcards. Our mural will have an interurban streetcar on it and I was glad to see them in your cards. The top one looks a lot like the one we will be painting.

  3. Larry,
    I hope you'll post a picture of the mural when it's done...or even before it's done.

  4. Christine! I just noticed that you have a feature on your photos that does not allow the photograph to go to a separate blank page for larger viewing and also prevents copying.... How did you manage that?????? I'd love to be able to do that on my blog.



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