Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aunt Soph and Uncle Fred Visit Wyoming

Who knew that giant paved parking areas could be considered an attraction? In any case, Little America is still there and you can stop by for a visit. Earl Holding and his wife Carol worked hard pumping gas and waiting tables at Little America when they first took over the place many decades ago. That truck stop was the beginning of a very successful business career for Holding, who now owns Sinclair Oil, Sun Valley and Snowbasin ski resorts,  and a hotel chain.

As for Aunt Soph and Uncle Fred, I admire their time-saving approach to postcard writing; it just seems like it might have been more practical to print out the address labels instead of the greeting.


  1. It's a bit impersonal, too.

  2. Oh I love that approach. In fact let's combine both approaches and print out both the addresses and the greetings. I shall work on this idea in anticipation of my next holiday.

  3. 1968- what a window on little america....interesting to study the vehicles...(for a guy)



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