Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Motel Roma

Monterrey, Mexico has average high temperatures near 100 degrees Fahrenheit for six months out of the year. It's hard to imagine that the window air conditioners could compete with the reflective heat from the surrounding sea of concrete. At least there's a nice little shade tree by the pool. If you wanted to book a room here though, you're probably out of luck; the Roma Motel doesn't appear to be open anymore.


  1. Purified swimming pool? Do they use Evian or Aqua Fina?

  2. I love old motel postcards. Yours is especially nice.

  3. Randy, maybe it's Pepsi from that big holding tank!

  4. I'm guessing that 'purified' just meant that there is a filter and that the water is actually moving rather than being a stagnant (but rapidly evaporating) pond... I wonder what it would be like to swim in Pepsi? Bet the insects would love when you laid down to tan after a dip! I like the lack of a fence around the pool too, easier for stray cars and children to end up in the dunk that way...

  5. The tank is magnificent as is the entire Motel. What a pity that it no longer seems to be in business - can't imagine why not.



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