Friday, November 26, 2010

Moss House

I'm not sure why anyone would build a moss house. Out here in Oregon, we have things to spray on moss to kill it, but it's a losing battle. If you park your car outside, it will grow on your windshield. In any case, this house must have been velvety and green, though it is shown in black and white here.


  1. Sowas habe ich noch nicht gesehen.
    Schade, das man die Fraben nicht sehen kann.

  2. Well Oregon sounds just like here in Cumbria, guess we both must be in the top ten of mossiness. Pretty house, I can just imagine the green. I love moss in the woods in all its soft varieties, but possibly not when it appears on the path to my house, although now I have seen this house I could knock a few boards together and let nature do the work.

  3. Joy, it is primarily the portion of Oregon that is west of the Cascade Range that is so moss friendly, the majority of the state to the east is rather arid high desert- folks out there might actually like some rain!

  4. Great card. I love fairs and odd attractions. It is interesting how it contrasts with the building and people in the background.

  5. Hmmmm....Easier than topiary? Maybe a moss house is a logical development from sod houses:) Or maybe moss houses are what inspired the Chia pet craze??



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