Sunday, November 28, 2010

Streetcar Sunday - Altdorf, Switzerland

Altdorf, Switzerland is famous for being the birthplace of William Tell. You can see the statue of him and his son in the center of the square.  And the tram off to the right seems to stop right in front of a brewery - how convenient! Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything else about the tram. I think it's still there, but I'm not sure.

Here's the back of the card.

The message to Mrs. Detting at Heinrichshütte in Rigi Klösterli, Switzerland reads:

Arrived safely in Schatzdorf and received card. Olivia Sprüngli sends many friendly greetings. Extra greetings to Mr. Brinckmann and St. Johannsberi and of course greetings from Elise.


  1. I'm mighty impressed that you can read and translate that handwriting! Karin

  2. Great card, vivid street scene. Is that a trompe l'oeil mural behind the Tell statue? As if you could see through the monument and the buildings to the mountains behind. Or maybe I'm just looking too closely...

  3. You and those great street car postcards! You know how to find them. Very nice composition.

  4. Linda, I think you are correct. Good eye!

  5. Hi Christine,
    Having a great time here in Europe. Getting some snow, not sticking though. Thanks for your European postcard posts, Now I can experience all the little pituresque places you've found on your postcards. I will be posting the two vintage postcards I found in Paris in honor of you and Triscia on my next blog post! Au Revoir!

  6. This is a really nice card. It really shows all the details.

  7. No, the trams last trip was 20th of May 1951! It was too nice to last!

  8. Thanks Bjorn,
    I'm sorry to hear that though.




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