Saturday, November 13, 2010

To Amy from Paris

Today is Sepia Saturday, an opportunity for bloggers to share interesting old photos. Sepia Saturday is hosted by Alan Burnett, who also has a lively and entertaining blog entitled  News from Nowhere, and another blog (Fat Dog to the Big Apple) about a virtual walk across the United States with his dog, Amy.

Here is a lovely view of Paris from the turn of the century.

And here's the back of the card, which would appear to be addressed to Alan's dog.

The message reads:

The Little Palace was built for the Paris Exposition and is now a Museum of Modern Art.
Best wishes,
Mrs Hax (?)


  1. You have to admit, the French have managed to protect their buildings extremely well. This looks more or less exactly the same these days. A little cleaner maybe.

  2. Looks like Mrs. Hax may be attempting to coax Amy away from your US jaunt with Euro-travel treats, Alan. I suggest a route thru Dinosaur National Monument to keep Amy busy with some major bones for a while!

  3. Did you actually find a post card addressed to Alan's dog???? Or did Alan name his dog after this
    person or ????
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Christine. Always nice to see you there. The Rally for Sanity was wonderful. Didn't you see me? I was in the 1035th row about 3000 people in from the left side.

  4. Looks like a "F" to me. Mrs. Fax.

  5. Barbara,
    This could be a coincidence - or it could mean that both Alan and his dog are much older than we imagine. Whatever the case, the recipient may well be related to Alan in some way.

  6. Ich hab letzlich auf dem Flohmarkt auch ein paar schöne alte Ansichten aus dem Paris der Jahrhundertwende gekauft. Die sehen einfach immer toll aus.
    Du hast übrigens recht mit der Fischsosse,
    das wäre wirklichn übel gewesen.

  7. Amy would probably have appreciated receiving a postcard (or some bones and/or biscuits) while Alan was away. Fun that you happened to find this card addressed to her. The picture is fabulous!

  8. Bonjour, Christine, and aloha! Welcome back to our gray paradise:) ... I always like to mail postcards to myself when I travel, but I never thought of mailing cards to my dog. Well, I don't have a dog now, but ... even when I did have two, I never thought of that!

  9. Sheila - The Louvre perhaps looks the same, but the statue is no longer there. Is this what the glass pyramid replaced?

  10. Christine, what can I say!!! I have, of course, printed the piece off and stuck it next to Amy's basket. Thanks for the kind words ... and thanks for keeping me endlessly entertained with your selection of postcards.

  11. Adam,
    It appears so, although the statue was removed before the pyramid was built. The statue was erected in 1888, but I'm not sure it ever enjoyed popularity. It was removed in 1954. Here's a snippet from an article in Le Parisien (July 18, 2008) entitled La Pyramide a remplacé La Fayette et Gambetta:
    En face, Léon Gambetta, homme d'Etat mort en 1882, avait droit à un monument grandiose. Sa statue de pierre occupait l'entrée du Louvre depuis 1888, surmonté du Triomphe de la démocratie, une pièce de bronze que l'on voit se détacher sur la photo ancienne. L'ensemble, passablement critiqué à l'époque, sera finalement démonté en 1954.

  12. What a fantastic post-card and serendipitous discovery!

    Alan's "Fat Dog to the Big Apple" blog is a joy to read and this is the perfect tribute to his imagination and wit (and of course, Amy's great beauty).




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