Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Ferry Landing in Windsor, Ont., Canada

It looks as if the ferry has just docked and the passengers are walking up the street past Gibson Brothers' Tobacco shop. Brian from The Paper Sponge kindly sent me this card, because he knows I love street scenes like this. They really are a slice of life, showing what people wore, the cars they drove, and what sorts of businesses were in a town. This one is especially nice, because it's a street scene in Canada, but also shows the skyline of Detroit, Michigan across the river.

If you would like to look at (or download) some great old postcard images of Windsor and nearby places, visit the Southern Ontario Image Archive.  And, be sure to check out Brian's website, The Paper Sponge; he features postcards and all sorts of other interesting ephemera. Here's the back of the card, which shows that it was printed by the famous Valentine & Sons.


  1. It is an interesting scene. I like the loose coloring that they added to the black and white photo.

  2. I'm reading a book about Prohibition (The Last Call by Daniel Okrent) and Windsor Ont. was a key port for getting liquor to thirsty Americans. I really enjoy seeing this!

  3. Auf der Karte kann man schön sehen, das Cana´da zum Commonwelth gehört.
    Das Wappen findet man auch in Windsor Castel England

  4. I can never decide whether than crude kind of colouring detracts from the scene or provides a kind of historical stamp or badge to it.

  5. These kind of street scenes are the best!



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