Sunday, January 2, 2011

Streetcar Sunday - Auckland, New Zealand - Update

As with most other cities, Auckland initially had horse-drawn trams in 1884. These were replaced with electric trams by 1902, which continued to provide service until the end of 1956, when they were replaced with buses and trolleybuses. Since then, Auckland has had very low levels of transit ridership compared to other cities of similar size - but change is in the air!

Recently, there has been approval to build a new streetcar loop in Auckland, which would introduce heritage trams along Auckland's waterfront. Phase two of the project would connect with the central business district and Queen Street. You can read an interesting discussion of the proposed tram route here and here.
If you're visiting Auckland, you may want to stop and check out the Museum of Transport and Technology.


  1. A whole different world back then.
    Happy New Year Christine!

  2. Nice image!
    In the 80s [not 80's :)], the trolleybuses lost "market share" in favor of tramways in Brasov, Romania, and other places.
    Trolleybuses often lose "contact with reality" [electric lines above].



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