Friday, January 7, 2011

This Really is an Oasis

You may not think that yesterday's freeway rest stop qualifies as an oasis, but this is a different story.  Although it may not look like it, this is actually a postcard; it folds over and there's a space for the address and stamp on the back. No room to write anything though.

Not only do you get stylish furniture, you also get free ice cubes and shuffleboard. And the lobby is decorated with Oasis themed murals. Let's go!


  1. Where is all that furniture now?
    A) Overpriced retro shop
    B) Landfill
    C) Your living room
    D) Restaurant of previous card

  2. I can almost see the screws holding the pictures to the walls above the beds with those creepy bedspreads. And of course the nightstand contained a phone book if you were lucky, a laminated card with perhaps some local information, and of course you knew the Gideons had been there. And it's such a soothly color scheme, isn't it? And a green pitcher, not just glasses in little bags with an ice bucket. Truly an oasis.

  3. Design was so decisive then with its clearly defined lines.

    As usual another great card filled with history and memories. Thanks! :)



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