Monday, May 2, 2011

Dothan, Alabama

The name of the city comes from Genesis 37:17: "let us go to Dothan."
Dothan has been proclaimed the 'peanut capital of the world', but then it seems so has Enterprise, Alabama, and Sylvester, Georgia, and Suffolk, Virginia. You get the idea; there are a lot of peanuts there.

Sadly, what looks to have been a fairly lively downtown doesn't appear to be so lively anymore.

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  1. What a great set of postcards. I get a number of postcards from Dotham via a swap-bot member - I'll have to forward her this post!

  2. So many towns claim various slogans like that. I can't tell you how many places claim to be "cowtown" or "where the west begins"!

  3. It does look pretty down and out in the current view, but I guess at least it isn't completely obliterated like other Alabama towns were by the recent tornadoes... Is the Google image also substantially distorting the proportions of the street? The nice columned building on the right in the card sure looks short and squat in the photo, that might also make the street look less appealing.

  4. Love the postcard! Too bad so many of the old towns are are drying up....

  5. I really miss dimestores. It seems like almost every street scene from that period has a dimestore with a red sign.

  6. So sad. No more Newberry's. My first job was at Newberry's- decorating the windows and making signs.
    I was still in high school so I thought I was pretty professional, even tho it was just a dime store.
    I wonder how this little town did in the tornado.

    Thanks for your nice note. Barbara

  7. Interesting biblical allusion. We also have a 'Peanut Center'... near where I live.

  8. Well, the good thing about Dothan is that the few letters give plenty of room for great artwork inside each one! Great large letter PC. Gotta find that one for myself.



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