Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Royal Infirmary - Manchester, England

Although it's small, you can see a double-deck tram on the left. One of the things I appreciate about this card is that it was sent from Manchester, England to Manchester, New Hampshire in the United States. The infirmary had recently been moved to its new location when this card was sent in 1908.

The message to P.N. Champion reads:

The King is coming to open this place next July. Sincerely Yours
JJ 2145
Good Bye

King Edward the VII did indeed open the building. It sustained quite a bit of damage during World War II, but there have been a number of additions since then too.


  1. I have spent many a day waiting in those waiting rooms. It has had lots of new bits grafted on, but it is still recognisable.

  2. The Manchester to Manchester connection is great!

  3. The king has a busy schedule. We're going to have to wait at least 7 months. I'll send a postcard to my friend Mr P. N. Champion in the USA to tell him that the King is going to open our new hospital in July. I won't even say 'how are you my old friend'? They don't even have a King in the USA. Ha-ha! It doesn't matter anyway because I'm a robot from the future and my name is JJ2145. Good-Bye.

  4. Howard,
    I'm glad you picked up on the 2145 also. I puzzled over that and wondered if it was secret code. Who knows.
    However I do know exactly what the outside and inside of P.N. Champion's house looks like thanks to Zillow. It's a little unsettling to be able to find so much: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/153-Bowman-St-Manchester-NH-03102/2138050649_zpid/

  5. Christine, this is the kind of card that I just love: that hint of mystery about the '2145' and the Manchester to Manchester connection. Too fun!



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