Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marienplatz, Munich - Germany

These postcards show streetcars running through Munich's main square. The main square was a market place already in the Middle Ages, and is still a hopping place, particularly since it's now a pedestrian zone. There are no longer streetcars running through the square, but you can descend the stairs to the underground U-Bahn station and connect to local subway routes and longer distance S-Bahn to the suburbs and the airport.  The main train station is only a few stops away from Marienplatz, and from there you can connect to long-distance trains to destinations throughout Europe.


  1. That is neat to see the intersecting tracks from above and get a sense of the traffic flow in the main square.

  2. U should never bahn such gorgeous postcards...Let them into your collection! What a deep vertical perspective...:)



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