Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Shadow Cards

I don't usually post anything on the weekends, but I am swimming in Christmas postcards, so I thought I'd post some extra ones today. These are from an interesting series that emphasizes the larger-than-life shadows cast by the figures. Mistletoe is also featured prominently.

Here are the backs of the cards in the same order.
The message to Mrs. Sarah C. Becker in Valatie, New York reads:
December 13, '10
Ideas are O.K. Size 10 1/2 (all black). Thermometer crawling slowly upward. This is a picture of a "suffer-yet" Dutch Lady (Old Dutch Cleanser)

The message on this card to Mr. Henry Grimes of Grand Meadow, Minnesota reads:
If you have a class reunion remember me to everybody. I could spend two months very profitably visiting you. As it is I'm going back where I was born so long ago and expect everyone to know me from the family resemblance. Clara Parker


  1. I probably should post some more Christmas postcards this week too.

  2. Oh I am curious about the second card, to the Grimes person in Grand Meadows is it? In Minnesota. Don't think I've ever heard of that town, now I have to look it up. I really like these shadow cards, and in the first card he has a huge foot, unless it's for a she and then they are really big size 10 1/2? Back then! Thanks for brightening my morning with especially the little boy in green (he's like a young Robin Hood!)

  3. Another style of postcard I hadn't seen before! I wonder if the writer of the first postcard is having a 'dig' at suffragettes with the 'suffer-yet' comment, but as I don't know about suffragette movements overseas, then I don't know.

  4. Great cards, interesting 'floating' compositions, and the shadows make them almost appear animated.

  5. I have never seen any cards like this -- love the shadows.

  6. It's of interest to me how these old cards were used long ago much as we use email and texting wit online media these days.
    Makes delightful reading.
    Thank You!

  7. Die sind ja süß,
    Ich wünsch dir einen schönen 4. Advent

  8. Great postcards and great messages!

  9. Unusual, and very sweet. I like the shadow play. I bet it was a dig at suffragettes!



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