Friday, December 16, 2011

The Czech/Slovak Holiday Food Pyramid

Just in time for the holidays, the Korinek family has provided some eating recommendations in the form of a revised food pyramid.

Created by Dawn Korinek

If you're not Czech or Slovak, feel free to replace these categories with your own ethnic substitutions. I know that my pyramid would certainly include some pickled herring.

But if you'd like to stick to the Czeck/Slovak pyramid, here's a recipe for Buchta to get you started:

 And finally, a graphic from 1880,  urging you to stay hydrated.

Here's the back of the last one

If you're still hungry after this, head on over to Sepia Saturday for more yummy treats.


  1. Yum, that all looks tasty! Where is Granny when you need her to whip up some treats? At Christmas that food pyramid was altered- the kielbasi and spiedes were out, replaced with fish, mushrooms and a peasant soup made with water, a bit of roux, caraway seeds, thin noodles, salt and pepper- not much to the soup, but it had a unique/memorable flavor that was great on a cold winter night. And that second card is so cute it has inspired me to invite all the neighborhood dogs and cats over for dinner...

  2. Gute alte Ernährungspyramide. Die kannibalistischen Gänse scheinen darauf zu pfeifen. Ich liebe diese Postkarte.
    Frühstück im Bett war nie besser.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. What a series of great cards. I'm not so sure about what looks like hot dogs at the top of the pyramid. The Christmas card is a beaut.

  4. I love the one with dogs, cats, and plum pudding. I also love pickled herring.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting, Christine!

    I always enjoy your wonderful posts. What a great collection of cards & memorabilia! :)

    My daughter and I have a good-sized collection of old post cards as well as old photos. I can't bear to see old family photos at garage sales in danger of being trashed, so I buy them. I often use them in collages.

  6. I agree with Bob; the dogs and cats sitting companionably around the table quaffing their Christmas wine is a wonderful card, but I enjoyed all the others too.

  7. These cards are all great -- and I love the food pyramid! The old cards are so charming - thanks for sharing and cheering up the day.

  8. Being Polish, I appreciate the food pyramid! Some more pivo please!!!

  9. Thank you for sharing! A wonderful post!

  10. Your entire presentation is just fabulous! The little animals at the dinner table is just adorable too!

  11. I don't know about the pyramid - it seems to me large servings from bottom all the way to the top.

  12. That's right Sheila, you have pointed out the real beauty of the C/S pyramid! But it is all such healthy, low cal food, I wouldn't worry about it:

    kielbasi- fatty, salty sausage
    zelna flecky- thick noodles with cabbage, onions, and a touch of cinnamon and sugar
    buchta- see the recipe...
    pivo- beer, of course, at one point Czech's had the highest beer consumption per capita in the world
    spiedies- grilled skewered meat, usually lamb, a unique upstate NY Italian immigrant version of a universal dish that the Czech/Slovak population happily adopted
    pukance- dumplings rolled in honey and poppy seeds
    kolachky- small butter pastry turnovers usually filled with walnuts, apricot or prune jam
    holiday bread- an eggy yeast loaf similar to challah, usually with raisins in it and poppy seeds on top

  13. Oh my yes, let's make sure the 10 year olds stay hydrated. I've always wondered about illustrations like this that show "adults" looking like children. Always struck me as very odd.

  14. The food pyramid leads to some fun thoughts of variations - Italian food pyramid, .... Yum!

  15. Can I pass on the frogs for breakfast? lol

  16. Oh, this is such a wonderful post! I love all the neat cards that you have chosen for us this week. Have a Merry Christmas,

    Kathy M.



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