Friday, December 9, 2011

To Ruth from Ethel and Fred

Ethel sent her sister Ruth in London a few cards - one from Felixstowe and one from Folkestone.

Here are the backs of the cards in the same order.

The message reads:
Dear Ruth just a card to ask you if you can put me up for one night as I shall be home on Thursday and shall probably go to the flat on Friday. I shall not come until after xx o'clock as I shall be calling at mothers first hope you are all well Love from Ethel

The message on this one is a little harder to make out, but seems to say:
14 Warren Rd Folkestone
Dear Sister This is where all the big Pots stay there are two bandstands and a new Hall called the Cliff Hall also Leas Pavilion where we went to a Variety show called the Golden Gommes it is very good there are also some lovely walks below the cliffs We had a ride on the Model railroad at Hythe. We hope you are all well today Love Ethel and Fred.
We are at Swingate (?) today


  1. I wonder what "big Pots" are ?
    Can't you just picture "Fred and Ethel"(Lucy's neighbors) among the Big Pots.

  2. When I saw "Fred and Ethel." I thought of Lucy.

  3. Yes, it is probably good they lived prior to Lucy time, otherwise their name pairing would have been a source of giggles and laughs. I feel sorry for the Jerry and Elaine's, Homer and Marge's and Hank and Peggy's out there.

  4. 'we are at Sandgate today', the next small town from Folkestone (my home town) just a stones throw.



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