Thursday, December 1, 2011

Galveston, Texas

This is a tiny postcard folder circa 1920s from Galveston, Texas. Galveston actually had a larger population then (53,000) than it does now (47,743). The city was devastated by a hurricane in 1900, but was making a comeback about the time this postcard was published. Despite Prohibition, there was plenty of drink and complementary vices for visitors to Galveston.


  1. All such lovely postcrds, what fun they were having in a marvelous time...there sure were a lot of people both swimming and just viewing at the pool....Of course now I have the song Galveston going through my head!

  2. I have always been interested in seeing Galveston for some reason, perhaps due to old time images like this, since I hear the modern day city is fairly unpleasant. I do have a friend that says the surfing is pretty good there though, not exactly something I associate with Texas!

  3. just love these!!
    there is just somthing special about old postcards..the color ,the paper..all of it!!

  4. I don't come across those early folders that often....they're great!



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