Monday, October 1, 2012

Support Walt

On February 10, 1937, the Times Herald of Olean, New York reported that Walt crashed his delivery truck into a telephone pole while trying to avoid hitting a car entering the road from a side street. He was taken to the hospital with injuries to his back and knee.

On December 14, 1940, the same newspaper reported that a State Supreme Court jury agreed to award Walter Nitsche $150 for personal injuries in a head-on collision. Both drivers claimed the other was driving on the wrong side of the road. Walt had also asked for eight weeks lost wages, at $45 a week, because he said he was unable to complete his bread and candy deliveries during that time. It appears he didn't get it.

Walter married Azuba Gilliland in 1923. He died in 1960.


  1. I love the car pictures! I was driving my 57 Chevy yesterday and a woman called out to me, "Does your husband let you drive that car?" The answer, "It's mine, I let HIM drive that car sometimes!"

  2. I wish we still had the bread truck and the milk man! Very fun.
    And a note to Tammy (above) -- you go, girl!

  3. Walt's delivery truck looks like a very dark loaf of bread with wheels, I would be happy to help him by buying his bread. I compare that to our current industrial agribusinesses like Monsanto, which make me want to not eat anything at all...

  4. Poor Walt, he looks sad. Azuba sounds like an exotic name. Azuba J. Nitsche died in 2004 (age 104).

  5. People really struggled back then and bad luck could hit so hard. This postcard with the stoic heartfelt plea for support is touching.



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