Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Peachy

I finally got around to scanning an envelope of slides that was just labeled Kodachrome slides.  I had no idea who they were, so I thought I'd post them as Anonymous Family slides.   

Anonymous Family slides have played an important role in slide shows around here. The architect who steals my covers loves to take pictures when he travels and he used to invite friends to see slide shows from these trips. The problem is that he tends to only take pictures of buildings; human subjects are few and far between. To keep the audience from falling asleep, he would insert slides of the Anonymous Family in between every dozen or so building images. We still don't know who that Anonymous Family was, but they went on lots of trips to national parks and wore a lot of plaid--and they were popular with the slide viewing audiences. The image below reminded me very much of those slides.

Elizabeth with Mom and brother
It didn't take me long to realize that this was not an anonymous family though. These slides are from Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow's family. (See previous post on Elizabeth and on her father Hugh.) I thought I recognized her, but the photo with her brother and father is very recognizable. These are all from the mid/late 1940s.

Elizabeth with Dad and brother
Elizabeth with Mom and brother in front of peach tree

Maybe someone they knew was in the car ahead? Otherwise I can't imagine the reason for this photo.

Included in these slides are a good number of images with a finger across the top. Makes you grateful for digital cameras, doesn't it? At least you don't have to pay to have them developed.


  1. Humans move way too much, plus you have to tell them to smile and stuff- buildings are much better at sitting for photos and just being themselves... I frankly think that folks dozing off are a rare occasion at my slide shows, perhaps Christine is trying to make a confession of sorts? Of course, there was that 500 slide marathon after my college semester abroad in Florence, Italy- my familial relations have not been the same since. My favorite shot above is the one with the finger in it, I imagine that the children were misbehaving and it was the photographer's way of making them go away...

  2. Ich würde gern wissen, wie die Kinder heute aussehen.
    Der 40th Stil ist Klasse, vor allem die Autos und Frisuren

  3. The finger over the lens reminds me of a relative of mine who was noted for "chopping peoples' heads off" in photographs!

  4. As someone fascinated by the story of Liz Brady Cabot Winslow since 2005, I have to say, your discovery is like manna from heaven. This is quite a discovery about a story that has intrigued many people.

    I was only able to find a few images of her, two from the 1959 Coral Gables High yearbook, and several from the Wilhelmina modelling agency when they uploaded their back catalog. This is especially great as it includes members o her family, including the striking Colonel Winslow as a young man.

    The Strange Case of Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow

    The Strange Case of Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow, Part II

    Many of us interested in the story of Liz Brady Winslow have attempted to reconstruct her story in this Facebook group:

    Who is Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow?

    Thanks again for uploading this. You've done something invaluable for a notorious internet mystery.

    1. Thanks Julian,

      You might be interested in the very short movie snippet added to the previous post. There are other models in the film, so I just cut out one of sections that she's in.



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