Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Promenade in Nice, France

I can't imagine a nicer setting or a more pleasing promenade - in part because of the storybook colors.


  1. This reminds me of "La Grande Jatte" painting by Seurat.

  2. Lovely postcard, makes me want to go to the boardwalk.

  3. That´s really nice, hi hi.
    Aber die super- Tupper- Karte ist die allerbeste.
    Ganz großes Kino.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Very nice. Wished I was there.

  5. Definitely a Technicolour blast of clothing on a fairly neutral background. Interesting how some of the benches face the sea while others face the promenade- flow of water or flow of humanity, take your pick...

  6. Beautiful card!

  7. Superb postcard!
    Negresco, born in Romania..."The Hotel Negresco on the Promenade des Anglais on the Baie des Anges in Nice, France was named for Henri Negresco (1868–1920) who had the palatial hotel constructed in 1912. In keeping with the conventions of the times, when the Negresco first opened in 1913 its front opened facing the Mediterranean sea.
    Henri Negresco, born the son of an innkeeper in Bucharest, Romania, left home at the age of 15 going first to Paris then to the French Riviera where he became very successful. As director of the Municipal Casino in Nice, he had the idea to build a sumptuous hotel of quality that would attract the wealthiest of clients. After arranging the financing, he hired architect Édouard-Jean Niermans fr:Édouard-Jean Niermans to design the hotel with Gustave Eiffel reportedly commissioned to do its now famous pink dome. The spectacular Baccarat 16,309-crystal chandelier in the Negresco's lobby was commissioned by Czar Nicholas II, who due to the October revolution was unable to take delivery."

  8. What a wonderful view of the boardwalk there. It is a great, colorful card.

  9. Only the people who changing in Nice, not the place.
    One of the greatest place for me in Europe.
    And a postcard is amaaaazing!

  10. Great colors and a cute, fat dog!

  11. The colors are unrivaled! Wow. Need to blow that one up to frame.



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