Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Here to wish you a happy Thanksgiving is my favorite postcard personality, Tracy Graham.

Note that the sender has written Tracy on the young man's forehead.  That's so typical of cards to and from Tracy Graham. They are always warm and humorous, often poking fun, and with real news.

As I mentioned last week, I was thrilled to track down Tracy's daughter, Bernice, who is alive and well and didn't know anything about about this collection of postcards I have that were sent to and from her parents. I am sending them on to her, because that's where they belong.  I know that they will reawaken childhood memories and be passed on to grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I admit it's difficult, because these are without a doubt some of my favorite postcards. At the same time, I have a real sense of satisfaction knowing that these cards are going to the family who wrote them.  I'm thankful that I got to read them and share their stories. And these cards had real stories; they followed Lizzie and Tracy through their years of courtship, marriage, and family. I feel like I knew the family. I'm even more thankful that I was able to talk to Bernice in person and that our conversation connected the postcard world with the real world.

The message to Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Graham reads:

Nov. 23 - 1917
Hope to see you all soon. I am going home Sunday and hope you can come down for a visit next week. Mary will be here after  Wednesday for the rest of the week. With Love. M.V.G.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and to the Graham family.
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  1. Christine, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing this sweet piece of history with us!

    P.S. Germany is wonderful!

  2. How wonderful that you are returning the postcards. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving Day.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving.
    You are so kind Christine.

  4. Great job on connecting the postcards to family. That's the ultimate satisfaction I suppose. Congrats!

  5. What a story. Pretty wonderful!

  6. This is a beautiful touching full-circle story between the originator of the postcards and their descendants, all thanks to you Christine who made this happen. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. What A Perfect Circle!The Postcards journey continues!

  8. Happy Thankgsiving! I love this card! What a great story! I love that you pieced together the story and then were ablt to track down the family. So sweet and what a gift for their daughter!



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