Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ludwig's Restaurant in Neu Pirken

Ludwig Hübler had something he called a Restauration (a cross between a restaurant and a station?) in Neu Pirken, Germany. There were hotel rooms,  an outdoor bowling alley, and a dining room. In 1910, around the time this card was sent, Pirken and Neu-Pirken had a population of 757, almost double what it had been ten years earlier.

Ludwig sent this card to Mr. Karl Bernt in nearby Görkau as a friendly invitation to something, though I'm not sure what. I have trouble making out the old German script unless it's written very neatly. In any case, both Neu Pirken and Görkau both became part of Czechoslovakia after World War II. Pirken is now known as Březenec and Görkau is known as Jirkow.


  1. DieserLudwig hat ja die reinste Suklaue.
    Für mich sieht das aus wie:
    Die freundlichste Einladung zu der morgigen
    ......schaften (?!?)
    NEIN, ich glaube, ich kann das Geheimnis auch nicht lösen ;0)

  2. Outdoor bowling? Hello, I'm changing my holiday plans and getting a plane ticket... Dekuji, dobrou noc!!!

  3. Restauration, the restaurant's name, means "restoration", if my memory's okay. ("Restaurant" itself is "restorative", once again, if memory's working.) Trendy-sounding name, or, at least, that's how it seems to me. I'm going with "Fruhstuck" (sorry about the lack of umlauts) as the final word before the signature. Jack/Y-town



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