Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hawaii - Pali Lookout

A hundred years ago people were going to Pali Lookout near Honolulu, Hawaii to enjoy the view. Today, people still go there and the view is not so different.

But back then you could park your 1917 Cadillac right on the road AND leave the doors open. I wouldn't suggest doing that now. Now you can pay for parking in the lot. The road over the Nu'uanu Pali was first developed in 1845, and later improved to become a highway. That old Pali Highway is now a trail, and has been replaced by a new Pali Highway with tunnels.

In addition to its status as a scenic lookout, the Pali is also the site of one of the bloodiest Hawaiian battles, when King Kamehameha and his army forced the Oahu army off the cliffs. When the first Pali Highway was under construction, hundreds of skulls from this conflict were unearthed.

The view from the Pali lookout has always been green and lush. Back in the 1920s, the view was of farmland:

Now the view includes some houses, but no farmland. 

P.S. I have sent Hawaii postcards to all those who requested them (except for Dorin, who had a difficult special request.)  You can still request a card if you send me your mailing address here by tomorrow.


  1. The view from the top of Pali in reality feels much higher up than the one shown here over the fields, it must have been taken most of the way down the road. The other thing I recall about the lookout is the frequent updrafts over the mountains- ladies, hold on to your skirts!

  2. I Had Never Heard Of The King;Army & Battle.Why Do The Most Beautiful Places Have The Bloodiest Histories?

  3. You used to be able to buy Apple Bananas when you came to the foot of the Pali. There were banana trees growing all over the place and a little stand where you could buy these incredible little bananas. Sweetest banana you've ever tasted. I have not had a banana since to compare in flavor. We'd buy a couple of bunches and eat them all before we got home. But this was a very long time ago in the early 1960s. I'm sure there are people out there that still remember them.

  4. Great postcards and history, the link didn't work for me to see the modern shot of that view.
    I can't imagine being able to park right there at the view and leave the doors open - it really is a thing fo the past.

  5. That first postcard sends shivers up my spine. I can do heights - it just takes a lot of effort! That view looks very high, as in a long way down. Amazing that they could just stop the car in the road. The second view with the farmland is wonderful. I notice, though, that they made their rows going down the hills instead of around. I wonder if there are houses instead of farms there now because all the best soil went downhill with the rain.

  6. Tattered and Lost,
    You can still get good apple bananas, though maybe not at the foot of the Pali. I bought some earlier this week, but wasn't vigilant about reading the stickers. I tasted them and they were just O.K. Then I saw that they were from Ecuador.

  7. Those are some really historic sights. It is interesting that minor changes have taken place and it looks mostly the same. I guess rock formed mountains don't erode like Iowa dirt.

  8. Greta postcards. Hawaii is somewhere on my list of places to visit ... I just hope it manages to work its way to the top at some stage.



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