Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kyoto Station - Japan

This card shows the third incarnation of Kyoto Station. The first station was built in 1889 and replaced by a newer station 1n 1914. That station burned down in 1950 and was replaced by this one in 1952.

The current Kyoto Station doesn't look a bit like this one. It was built in 1997 and includes a shopping mall, hotel, and movie theater. It is one of Japan's largest buildings. Click here to see what it looks like now.

Here's the back of the card.


  1. Amazing change! How about 100 years from now? :)...

  2. I think I prefer the vintage look, especially if those cars were still there :)

  3. What a transformation! There's something very charming about the old version, though!

  4. I love the cars - not quite American and not quite European in style, but a Japanese hybrid. The old station has period charm and it looks like an important railway station. The new station looks like a giant shopping mall, just like all of the big stations in the UK these days.

  5. i prefer the old. it feels more like it's on a human scale. the new version is almost a nightmare for me. large crowded and noisy places are not my cup of tea. but i'm sure i'd still find something there to amuse myself with.

  6. Say, that green car is a Morris Minor....I had one of those!



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