Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Greetings from the Cemetery

If I received a postcard with a picture of a cemetery on the front, I might wonder if it was a bad omen. Here are two cemetery postcards from Springfield and Concord, Massachusetts.

And here's the cemetery in Concord where Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlet Letter, is buried.

Here are the backs of the postcards.


  1. Somber thoughts...what would be a good omen - a view of a maternity ward?

  2. I can't quite decipher the handwriting, does it really say 'wish you were here'?
    And is the aunt mentioned already dead and hence the cemetery postcard?
    The postcards of 'famous' graves makes more 'sense' than the general views.

  3. The cemetery entrance is an intriguing piece of architecture. Is that a little shelter balancing on the right hand side?

  4. Well it looks like a peaceful place for Nathaniel anyway!

  5. Fabulous cards as usual! On first glance, the top card hardly looks like a cemetery.

  6. Lisa,
    I like the idea of "wish you were here" on a cemetery postcard, but I'm not sure it says that. I had great difficulty trying to decipher this card.

  7. Although it has some character, the gate on the first card seems to have no idea what it wants to be as architecture- I'm sure the heavy stone turret/cupola Sheila mentions was unsettling rather than soothing to most visitors, as it seems to be cantilevered into space with no support...

    But maybe that is really an appropriate approach to designing a gate that is symbolic of the entrance to the afterlife, a great unknown, where things might not 'make sense' to the living. The spectacular Woodland Cemetery and its buildings designed by Gunnar Asplund outside of Stockholm (ca. 1918-1940) defies accepted logic in many ways- a domed chapel ceiling that seems to float, a covered entry portico with a giant hole in the roof, wood paneling that 'peels' off the walls to become benches, burial areas that are raised above adjacent walkways, and groves of trees towering over randomly spaced, unmarked crosses. If there was ever a 'spiritual' cemetery to laid to rest in, this is it.

  8. Christine, one of my fellow Pacific Postcards Team members from Etsy turns cemetery postcards into Halloween greeting cards.



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