Thursday, September 15, 2011

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Last chance to get out and enjoy the shore before summer ends.  Back in 1914, there were plenty of people enjoying the sand and sun at Atlantic City. Many of them were overdressed for the beach, at least by today's standards, but those straw hats and ties look so elegant. I'd like to say no thanks to wool bathing suits though.

The message to Howard R. Spindler reads:

We got away at last + are here for a week. It is delightful and cool here. Will be home on the 16th Jessie

Howard was born on March 1, 1893 and registered for the World War I draft in 1917/18, but I don't know if he fought in the war or not.


  1. Christine, this post has me itchin' to go gamble:)hehe! Wool? Those swim suits were made of wool? Seems like that's a ticket for drowning -- rather absorbent and heavy?

  2. fabulous postcard!!
    do you know if the Grand Hotel is still there? Pobably it seems what's old is no longer thought of as worth saving!! these old buildings just had the greatest architecture!!!
    interesting to see the people dressed so proper along the boardwalk ..and in their swimwear below!! can you imagine being in that woolen bathing suit!! there are places that i wouldn't want to be itchy in public!!!LOL!!

  3. Ann, the Atlantic City Hilton Casino stands where the Strand used to be.

  4. NJ is trying to revive the beach as an attraction to draw more people to AC. Lots of casino competition now in surrounding states. Every time I've been to AC, the beach was kind of an afterthought.



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