Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Do you think people park their cars in the middle of the street along the Copacabana in Rio today? No way! There are now three lanes in each direction, but they have also preserved and upgraded the center median (I love center medians!) Not surprisingly, there are also a lot more buildings now.
The Church of Our Lady of the Rock was built in 1635 and is famous for the 382 steps of the main staircase. Never mind the church or the stairs; there's something very appealing about men wearing white suits with hats.


  1. I think I've received one of Rio de janeiro before . Not the vintage but the modern one :)

  2. That's a healthy number of steps with quite a vista at the top. Yes, no jeans in sight.

  3. Impressive view of Rio De Janeiro in the past, I got one car from here too ..but it is the Corcovado, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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