Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A House Bargain For You!

Here we have one of the first houses to go up in the Valley of the Estancia Ranchettes. Haven't you always wanted to be a rancher, I mean...ranchetter?

What would you say if I told you you could get a house like this for less than the price advertised on this old postcard? Yes, I hear that there were some shenanigans and some real estate people ended up in jail over this project. I also understand that water is a little hard to come by in this area outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and if you drill a well you may find that it fills with saltwater. Just remember the saying: If life gives you saltwater, make saltwater taffy.

Anyway, I'm not suggesting you live in the house. No, this is a movie set, a movie set with great potential for unlimited sequels. You could get rich!

I know you can come up with better movie ideas than I can, but here are a few to get you started:
1. Murder at the Estancia Ranchette
2. Valley of the Estancia Ranchette Dolls
3. Day of the Estancia Triffids
4. Alien Invasion in Estancia
5. Tumbleweeds Ate My Cat


  1. How Brown Was My Valley, directed by John Fraud.

  2. So, given the language of the time, if a woman owned this would she be a Ranchetteress?

    As for movies, how about a western version of Bleak House? This is bleaker than anything Dickens thought of - and many of the characters have great western possibilities: Tulkinghorn, the Dedlocks, Smallweed . . . oh, I have to stop before I get carried away!

    Great postcard, btw.

  3. Oh, Bleak House...yes, wonderful idea.
    I also wonder if Jane Fonda would agree to star in a movie called Rancherella. I tell you what, this set is going to be booked solid.

  4. That is so very interesting. It looks not too desirable and I wonder if the air conditioners worked back then.

  5. Yes, let's see...who could we get to play Marlene Dietrich's part?

  6. L.D., I don't know about the air conditioning, but I think the architectural style (Adobe-Bomb Shelter) helped to keep things cool and dark.

  7. I'm pretty sure this site was already used as Roarke's place in The Fountainhead...

  8. It looks like a nightmare, in the middle of nowhere.
    Das sieht aus wie die Gegend,m wo das Militär seien Atomtest gemacht hat.

  9. Quoting from a 1961 ad:

    "THE VALLEY OF THE ESTANCIA RANCHETTES lies directly on Rt. 66--little more than a half hour from the heart of the city. Its natural beauty, the picture-frame of the mountains, the color springing from the fertile soil, its calm and peace will enchant you."



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