Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter...and Some Leftover Fish

I've inundated you with April Fish cards over the last several days, so I knew you would be relieved to have a fish-free day today. Since Easter is just a few days away, I picked out a nice Easter postcard.
But then I looked at the card again and had a moment of recognition. Didn't I see approximately the same card a few days ago when I was going through the fish cards? Is it possible?
Well, look at that! Perhaps she did a Christmas one right after this. If they were doing them in order of the holidays, the fish one would have been first, so let's hope she washed her hands after that one.

O.K., I promise, tomorrow - no fish! No fish postcards and no fish for dinner. The fish postcards have  inspired me to cook a lot of fish, and Mr. Anonymous is sort of fished out. Maybe I'll make some deviled eggs.


  1. LOL How fun! And how observant you are! I love it--looking at her face in the Easter postcard, compared to the second one--I would gather that she's much happier with those eggs, than with the fish.

    SO...can you tell me why there are so many FISH postcards for April 1st?

    (grin) I really enjoyed your post today. Happy PFF!

  2. I'm betting this young lady would pose next to anything to earn a franc. Or was it she'd pose next to anything hoping to get next to Frank? Coy little she devil.

  3. Das ist ja lustig.
    Ich glaub die Karte mit dem Fisch gefällt mir besser. Dieses süß und verheißungsvoll lächelnde Mädchen und dann ein Korb voll profanem und möglicherweise übelriechendem Fisch.
    TOLL, diese Karte muss man ja lieben.
    FRohe Ostern

  4. I think there were so many of these fish cards because this was a really fun holiday to celebrate. I just don't understand why they fell out of favor. As for the girl, I think she's smiling because she isn't wearing anything from the waist down. Wait a minute, based on the second card, it looks like she doesn't even have a body below the waist.

  5. great idea for a reality show- 'The Happy Legless (naked?) Woman with Her Basket of Beautiful Fish'...



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