Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Annie Crawford's Siblings

Annie Crawford lived in Battle Creek, Michigan. Her siblings, who lived in Chicago seem to have had some difficult times.

The message to Mrs. Annie Crawford, written in August, 1911, reads:
My dear Sister, your letter received this a.m. and glad to hear from you. I am at home but don't get around much, the wound is not all healed yet. I am getting along nicely, but it is very slow work. Will write you soon. Today has been the first I have written any one, and all have had postals. I get easily tired. Love to all from Maisie.

The following postcard is from her brother, sent two years later:

Dear Sister
Would you kindly do what you can to send receipts and card as soon as possible. I need them bad
your brother Charlie

Another interesting note about the first card - the conservatory shown on the front of the card was torn down in 1905, six years before the card was sent. Due to graft and neglect, the conservatory had fallen into disrepair when Jens Jensen, the prairie-style landscape architect was called in to revamp the park. He elected to have the conservatory torn down.


  1. Great postcards - it's wonderful these beautiful structures were captured before being destroyed. Sounds like these siblings had it rough!

  2. I am so disappointed that they tore it down. It may have had some engineering problems. It was good to see both cards.

  3. Two fine postcards. Both the pictures and the messages help build a bigger picture of both the park and the family.



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