Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jolly Halloween

This card was sent from Martha B. in Cooperstown, New York to Miss Viola Vincent in Sidney, New York. The message reads:

Oct 30, 1922
Come Up! or write
Dear Viola I hope you will have a good time on hollow'een. I am going to. I am going out. Are you? I am getting along fine in school. Are you? My average was 91.4. We are all well. Hope you are the same. just getting supper.  from your loving cousin Martha B.


  1. This is such a nice postcard and the message is wonderful too.

  2. I recently posted a postcard with a little girl wearing this very same dress. I wonder if the artists are the same? As it is, this is a darling postcard.

  3. That's a great dress, love to see one for real! Seems to me that Martha might sorta be keeping score with dear cousin Viola...

  4. I like the black cats on what looks like a bobby skirt. Endearing shot.

  5. "Bi veri afreid..."
    Watch your jugular for suction sensations, non-hickey. :0

    Happy Halloween!

  6. Love the card and what a great message!



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