Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miss Nettie Bee Visits Inverness

There is something special and intriguing about the Bee family from Scotland and the postcards they sent. I wish I knew more about them. The tone of their messages (sent and received)  always seemed upbeat, even during World War I, and the cards themselves were always soft and romantic.

Their holiday destinations seemed to be mostly in Scotland, such as Fife or Inverness, where this postcard was received by Nettie Bee. It reads:

Glad to hear you are having a good holiday
Thanks for your P.P.C. Hope you are not running away with all the boys there. Mary is very busy now getting ready for _____?
Remember me to your father.
Yours ______

If you want to see more of the Bee Family postcards, go down to the list of tags below and click on "The Bee Family."


  1. What does the oval outline on the card suggest: Something was set on it? It was framed somehow to edit the image, or it was backing for another image that was framed? Or something more supernatural, like the foreshadowing lines that showed up on photos in the 'Omen' movie?!

  2. Great postcard. I'm wondering whether the oval outline is actually the letter 'O'. The reason I say this is that I have a similar 'letter card', with the letter 'W' disguised as tree stumps.

  3. Hmm, have to admit, I never even noticed the oval! I wonder if they didn't place something - a vase or a planter - on top of the card?

  4. I didn't even see it until I read the comments! Lovely image!

  5. It's a beautiful postcard and I think it's very fun that you have several postcards from the same family and can follow their comings and goings (sort of).

    I don't think the "O" is from something sitting on top of the postcard because there is no mark on her dress. The "O" seems to go behind her. I wonder if the same photographer/manufacturer made your card and the "W" card that dakotaboo mentioned. Maybe they were part of a series. If the "O" was purposeful, it seems strange that it doesn't seem to have any significance to the image or to the poem. Interesting.

  6. Nancy, I suppose you are right. The O really does go behind her dress.

  7. Yeah, I'm seeing something of a face framed by the "O", with a horizontal oval for a mouth at about the woman's left knee. My guess is two cards placed front-to-front over a long period, and some inadvertent transfer of one illustration to another. Jack/Youngstown



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