Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zion and Bryce

This is a continuation of the exotic Utah post from yesterday.  Utah truly has some of the most breathtaking landscapes I have ever seen.  I have a few linen postcards that show Bryce Canyon. Generally, linen postcards add color and make the scenes more appealing. In the case of Bryce Canyon, the opposite is true. Here's a postcard view:
In reality, the colors are much more brilliant. Here's a photo of Bryce Canyon from last week:
Bryce, Zion, and the other parks in Utah are all amazing in their own ways. There are some incredible views and amazing hiking opportunities for all levels. Here's a picture of me with my mother during a hike in Cedar Breaks last week:
And here's a view of a trail that the architect who steals my covers went on without us. My mother and I stayed in because it was raining heavily. I would have been terrified if I had known what this trail looked like, especially considering the slippery conditions. There was a sign at the beginning of the trail that urged caution and stated that people had died from falling off the edge. Arghhh! I feel sick just looking at this, especially knowing that it is a two-way trail and people coming from the opposite direction may need to pass by you somehow.


  1. That is enough to make may hair stand on end, just looking at the picture! Eek! LOL . :)

  2. What, no more missionary action figures today? Do you mean to tell me you didn't buy all the different varieties?!

  3. Hey, Tracy, I get in big trouble with federal regulators if I stray too far from the subject of postcards. They accuse me of misrepresentation and of actually hosting a toy blog instead of a postcard blog. Could be serious.

    P.S. I had to stop myself from buying any more stuff. Initially I was just going to buy the snow globe with the temple in it.
    I had to cut something out, but I did buy the figure of Joseph Smith receiving the gold tablets from Angel Moroni - but didn't post that here.

  4. Stunning photos!
    Great shot of you & your Mom ... .


    ** I've know quite a few trails / ledges like
    that in the Grand Canyon. Always felt better on them with my own two feet and NOT on some Burro :-)

  5. Christine, make sure the arhitect's life insurance is paid up:) That IS one scary trail -- but beautiful terrain. Talk about painted hills!

  6. Fantastic! Now you've convinced me I have to see this in person. Thanks and wow.

  7. Trishia,
    I think if I took out a policy on him and then he fell off a cliff, they might suspect me of wrongdoing!

    Go in April, May, September, or October. Summers are hot and many trails are closed in winter.

  8. Did the architect climb Angel's Rest at Zion? It looks eerily familiar... now that I'm 20 years older my fear of heights is starting to kick in and I could never do it now. Glad I did it back when I was young and fearless! Was the architect fearless? Karin

  9. Trisha, there is a very small policy, don't want to encourage Christine to off me just so she can fund her post card habit! Karin, the shown trail is Hidden Canyon, but I hiked Angel's Landing (Angel's Rest is in the Columbia Gorge, you ex-web footer...) right after it. Fortunately, the very top section was closed for maintenance, which is good since it is very embarrassing for a grown man to wet his pants- 1000 foot drops off either side of a 3 foot wide trail could trigger that effect for me- not that anyone would have noticed though because A) it was absolutely pouring at the time, and B) nobody else was stupid enough to be on that trail in a downpour.

  10. You came, you tah, you conquered.:-) Had a Viewmaster when I was a youngster. One of those inexpensive stereoscopic viewers w/ the circular slide (maybe 8mm film?) holders. Beautiful, and to my mind, very exotic photos of Bryce Canyon and other scenes of the American West. Jack/Youngstown

  11. FYI Jack, they still sell Viewmasters with park pix @ the gift shops!

  12. The trail looks terrifying to me! I like the cards and views you share of Saltair, etc. A nice little trip back in time.
    Hey I have a Viewmaster from my childhood, and the pictures for it are sensational.

  13. Southern Utah is one of my most favorite landscapes - glad all your family members returned in one piece!

    On another subject, did you receive an envelope from me recently?

  14. Oh my goodness, Jack - very funny! I need to look into these Viewmasters. I didn't think they were around anymore.

    Aimee - I sent you an email...but also check back on Saturday.

  15. Oh, how I can identify with your hike. Glad you enjoyed the park as much as we. Thanks for posting at my blog.



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