Monday, September 24, 2012

Hugh Winslow at West Point

This is from a big envelope of military photos formerly belonging to Hugh Whitaker Winslow. Many of the snapshots are from his early days at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Hugh was born in Montana in 1897, and graduated from West Point in 1920. There are also later pictures of him in Japan after World War II.

Here's a handsome portrait of Hugh taken in Fort Collins, Colorado where his family lived.

Here are some of the snapshots from West Point.

Hugh on the left

This  young lady may be a girlfriend or she may be Hugh's sister Irene.

These snapshots below appear to be from some initiation rituals or pranks of some kind. I don't think Hugh is in any of these pictures. The first one looks like nude cadets are being doused with a bucket of water.

Here's Hugh in Japan. His description on the back of the photo:
Dinner given to officers of the 64th Filed Artillery by the Mayor of Mishima a dinner at Yamida Hotel in Nagaoka Hotel 16 Nov 45. Do I look sufficiently bored?
Japanese children peeking in from rear.

The last photo shows Colonel Winslow in Hairo, Japan in 1952. Winslow married and had two children, Elizabeth and Hugh Jr. He died in 1982. Sadly, things did not turn out very well for daughter Elizabeth. More on Hugh and family on Wednesday.

For an interesting read, you may also want to look at the post on Hugh Winslow at a website called Passport Land, hosted by a collector of old passports.


  1. Oh those first snapshots are great!

  2. Simply fascinating....I can't wait 'till Wednesday!

  3. Wonderful pictures of the Handsome Hugh, Christine :-) Jo

  4. Some great pix in there, unfortunately, any doubts I might have had about excessive US military spending are now out the window...



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