Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pasadena, California

Pasadena has beautiful houses and an ideal climate. It also has the annual Tournament of Roses Parade,  a tradition since 1890.  Here you can see the students from Madison School marching in one of the early parades.

Below is a view of Pasadena showing the Colorado Street Bridge, also known as the Arroyo Seco Bridge. The bridge is still there after some seismic retrofitting in recent decades. It's on the National Rregister of Historic Places and has a also been designated National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

 Although it still stands, the bridge is dwarfed somewhat by the adjacent freeway bridge.

Photo by Bobak Ha'Eri Source
The first card has no message on the back, but the second one does. I'm interested in the name of the recipient, Miss Cunard W. Lind. I find her in the 1910 Census as a two-year old boy. I can only think that the census taker wrongly assumed it was a boy. The parents were Swedish.
The message is a little difficult to read.

Here's a quick try.

L.A. 2-6-26
Loved _____ at Home. The weather is _____ clear and warm here saw some of Los Angeles yesterday.  _______ this morning for San Diego for a few days will return here and ____until the Boat sails _______
Grant Widel's son in Law is the captain of the boat. Have called for mail but nix so far. 


  1. What a lovely bridge, it does look though that the view and experience of walking along the bridge would be better then than now.
    'Launch' this morning for San Diego . . .

  2. Ah..yes....Pasadena...I married a hometown the old postcards.

  3. That must have been the high point of the year for those school kids.

  4. The kids are seriously decked out, look like a somewhat fierce invading army, don't think I would want to positioned in front of them in the parade....



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