Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bonne Année - Good Luck

This French card looks so modern, almost like something from the 1950s, but it was sent in 1917. The card says Happy New Year and promises that the sprig of Mimosa will bring you good luck.

Here's the back of the card, written by Uncle ____ to his niece, wishing her a happy New Year and hoping that his little card finds her in good health, and sending her a big hug.


  1. Another lovely card, Happy New Year to you too :)
    I haven't been following your blog for very long, I love visiting and seeing your wonderful cards, and I look forward to seeing more of your collection in the New Year.
    Thank you.

  2. Bonne Annee to you too - I just need to know where I can buy the hat/gloves/scarf combo. Tres chic! Happy Hogmanay when it comes! Jo

  3. It is a wonderful card. It doesn't look as old as it really is. Have a great new year.

  4. Bonjour! Just found your blog (via Missive Maven) and you can see by my "photo" I love postcards (especially French) too.....just started following.

  5. Pamela, I can also see by your photo that you are dressed very much like today's postcard model.

  6. Christine, I find the design for 1917 to be strange indeed! IF I hadn't seen the back, I would have argued till blue in the face that that couldn't be from before WWI. How interesting. An artist ahead of his time?



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