Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas to Brother Walter

I have so many cards to Walter from his siblings. I wonder if he wrote back to them or adored them as much as they did him.

The message to Mr. Walter Till reads:
To Bro Walter from Sister + Brother Susan + Frank. Why don't you ever write again. loads of love for  merry XMas + a Happy New Year.


  1. Would these be real brothers and sisters or the fraternal organisation type. If real, it is strange that they use the "brother" and "sister" titles.

  2. The emphasis appears to be a reminder that they are family and that Walter
    should appreciate that (also, 2ndly, no return address or signature to identify the sender).

    Santa looks tired. The girl in the background must have worn him out with next year's requests. ;)

  3. Alan, good question. I have some other cards where that is clearly the case. I have lots of cards to and from Walter, so maybe I can take a closer look and figure it out.

  4. Those are some pretty dirty/depressing looking stockings, sort of cast a pall over Santa's attempt to be jolly...don't know if he looks tired or just a bit disheveled, but who wouldn't be after hauling your butt around the world all night.

  5. @Anon: A wide mix of families often need presents to cheer them. :) Just think: once his magical stocking stuffers are placed within them, they might transform to the very things worshipped before the altars of Santa-God, spiriting the little-one to heights of pleasure never before known! :) There are always silver linings to dark clouds (or stockings). :)

  6. This is such a nice card of Santa and the fireplace.



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