Thursday, December 2, 2010

To Mrs. M.J. Bee

This card was sent to Mrs. M.J. Bee in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1917 by an active serviceman in WWI. Active servicemen didn't need to affix postage, so there is no stamp, but it does have a stamp showing it was passed by the censor.

And here's the back of the card:

The message reads:
Dear Mrs.  Bee,
Just a P.C. at present. You will have heard from Mother by this time, what kept me so long in writing. Well I am pleased to say that I have got settled down again, and also that I am getting on alright. How are you all at Home, remember me kindly to everyone, With love to all, I remain your Sincere Friend Dod
Write Soon


  1. I wonder how he managed to get hold of such a charming card when on active service.

  2. Das Mädchen auf der Karte ist wunderschön. Es mutet seltsam an, das sie vermutlich schon lange verstorben ist, oder aber eine 100 jährige Greisin.

  3. Quite a lovely image, a definite 'woman-child' quality to it, the girl looks far too mature/worldly for her years. The Bee family certainly had a thing for interesting female portraits, based on the cards you have posted.



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