Monday, December 6, 2010

Clean Elections

Interesting to pair an advertisement for soap with election results! The front of this card from  1880 is lovely, but the back is really more interesting.

Look at all of those forgotten political parties!

The Whigs were only around for a short time. They objected to Andrew Jackson in particular and supported the supremacy of Congress over the President.

The Free Soil Party also wasn't around for long, because their primary objective was to oppose the expansion of slavery into the western territories. Once slavery was abolished, there was no real reason for the party to exist.

The Union Party only existed for one election (not including the Union Party from the 1930s.) The Union Party consisted of both Republicans and Democrats who were united in the North's war effort during the Civil War.

The Temperance Party consisted of a bunch of fun spoilers who wanted to meddle in other people's lives. Ha, see how many votes they got in 1872. They didn't give up though, and were back and somewhat stronger as the Prohibition Party in 1876.

The Greenback Party was a populist party that supported government control of the monetary system and supported labor rights (8-hour work days) and women's right to vote.


  1. What a fascinating insight into 19th century American politics. And the quote "Come buy off your Buttercup ..." comes from the hit comic opera of the day, HMS Pinafore.

  2. Who is taking a bet on whether the Tea Party lasts longer than the Free Soil lot?

  3. Thank you, Alan! After I read your comment, I immediately recognized it, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have drawn the connection on my own. I need to study up on my musicals.

  4. Very fascinating! We're watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO right now... the prohibition all seems so bizarre now!

  5. Me thinks the sailor boy has been eating too much beef with hormones:)



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