Sunday, December 12, 2010

Streetcar Sunday - Brisbane, Australia

Electric trams operated in Brisbane, Australia between 1897 and 1969. Prior to that there had also been horse-drawn trams. The electric trams were very popular, carrying as many as 160 million passengers at their peak in 1945. After that ridership declined with the increasing popularity of the automobile and increasing suburban development, until, by 1968, annual ridership had decreased to 64 million passengers.

Since 1969, there has been a move to bring back some sort of light rail, but it hasn't happened yet.
Be sure to check out the earlier post on Sydney's trams. For more information on Brisbane's trams, visit the Brisbane Tramway Museum.


  1. Ah, a black and white photo postcard. Something about it --as much as I love the colorful postcards--is so elegant. btw, found a couple of sepia photo streetcars in my collection, one posted last Sunday and another today.

  2. Mehr noch als für die alte Autobahn kann ich mich für die alten Autos begeistern. Wie schön diese Chromveteranen doch sind. Damals hatten die Autos noch Gesichter.

  3. Ich mein natürlich Straßenbahn und nicht Autobahn ;0)

  4. The automobile has a lot to answer for! Of course, I don't think I could give mine up!

  5. I love the romantic notion of a horse-drawn tram with the clip-clop, clip-clop sounds -- but then I get a waft of horse manure and my fantasy abruptly ends...



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