Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Security Threats

If you notice a suspicious object in the street...

Or you hear something ticking, something that might be an explosive...

be sure to contact the authorities immediately, so they can render these devices harmless. And if you are frustrated with those airport security checks, just think how Santa must feel.

Don't worry, Santa; the scan is anonymous. No one will recognize you.


  1. Actually, one of my friends tried making a plum pudding once, like that depicted on your first card, and it DID explode....still not sure what went wrong there.

  2. Thanks for a little Monday amusement. Most enjoyable.

  3. Guess I don't know what a plum pudding looks like, I thought the thing on the sled was either a giant meatball, or a cheese ball that had been rolling around on the floor for a while... Good thing the feds checked the Jolly One, I'm pretty sure he was packing candy canes in his boots.

  4. I always like your delicious sense of humor...
    Personalized maximum card: anybody and anything could look any way possible, between awful and awesome. Your choice, unless it' s not even your choice.
    Bulgarians were hired as construction workers in the Dark Ages, in my hometown - Brasov.
    But Gypsies were the paria of Europe...
    Saludos desde Bulgaria!
    Estamos aqui para servirle!

  5. Haha, der bodyscan fon Santa ist köstlich.

  6. I enjoy your sense of humor. And honestly, I had no idea what was on the sled in the first postcard! Thanks for the chuckle.

  7. The object on the sled does resemble an old-time bomb, and I don't mean "bombe" as in the French, which it might favor... ;)

  8. That wide girth is enough of a threat. Enjoyable post.

  9. Thank you for this post, Christine. I was worried about Santa and his jingle bells in the hands of the TSA this season:):)



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