Sunday, March 7, 2010

Streetcar Sunday - The Cherrelyn Horse Car

 The famous Cherrelyn streetcar started service in 1892 in the Denver, Colorado area, providing service between Englewood and Littleton. The horse would pull the car uphill, and on the return trip the horse was loaded onto the back of the car and the car proceeded down the hill powered by gravity. The fare was 5 cents. The Cherrelyn horse car ran until 1910 when it was replaced by electric cars, but the old one is still on display in Englewood.

There is a story (probably apocryphal) that the retired horses from the Cherrelyn  horse car were sold to farmers, who had no trouble getting the horses to pull a plow uphill, but a lot of trouble convincing them to pull it downhill.
The Cherrelyn horse car became an early tourist attraction and sold a lot of postcards.


  1. That's a wonderful card. I'm guessing the horse's name is Sisyphus.

  2. But at least this Sisyphus gets to ride down the hill.

  3. The poor old horse doesn´t look as if it has had a good life.
    Have a great week



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