Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunday School Dogs

It seems that at one time it was common practice to send personal reminders to attend Sunday school and church. The message reads:

Dear Bernice: Sunday is rally day for the Church and Sunday School. I am real anxious all my little folks should come so hope you will be with us. With love from your Sunday School teacher Miss Loring.

Miss Loring did not want Bernice to be distracted by the original message on the front of the card - or perhaps she couldn't stand the bad rhyme. The scratched out text reads: Two little Airedale pups are we. Shaggy of coat and of gender "she."


  1. Oh, that's great with Church Lady censoring the rhyme! I just thought it was a picture of Snoop Dogg and Lil' Bow Wow...

  2. But Snoop Dog and Lil' Bow Wow are both dogs of gender "he."

  3. careful, I'll sic Lil' Wayne on ya'll

  4. Christine, I was going to ask how I could possibly have missed this card with those adorable Airedales (my favorite breed!) and then I looked at the post date and realized that I didn't even know about your blog in 2010.

    I have an Airedale blog. Will you give me permission to post the front of the card on it? If so, I will definitely give you tribute and link back to your blog.

    Do you have more Airedale postcards?

    1. Sure Nancy, feel free to use it. I don't think I have any similar postcards though, only a large photo of my former Airedale...sniff sniff. What a great dog she was.

    2. I'd love to see your photo of Chloe!



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