Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Binghamton, New York

Here we have two postcards of Binghamton, New York. They are basically identical in that they were made from the same photograph, but printed by different companies. The first one was printed a little earlier. The second one was cropped a little bit, making the "Cobb Photo" on the bottom left disappear.  I'm not sure if that means the photo was borrowed without permission or if it's merely a coincidence.

There were obviously two different postcard tinters at work here. The first one went wild with the clouds and the second one liked awnings so much that she added an extra one. Who can blame her; it's the only place where you can add colorful stripes on a postcard. The picture was taken in winter, so there would have been no leaves on the trees, but both tinters added some for effect.

Here are the backs of the postcards in the same order:


  1. wonderful post (as ever!) i have given you a "Sunshine Award" and linked to your blog in my latest post!

  2. This is really a neat postcard!

  3. The statues in the park on the right side of the card are a bit different, too. Looks like a statue of a person or so is at the top near the top of the building behind it. Interesting.

  4. Good eye Christine, Binghamton could use some sprucing up, you should add a few more awnings too! The green space on the left is actually the court house lawn, not a park. The courthouse was designed by well known NY state architect Isaac Perry, who also designed the cast iron building at the center of the photo (but not said awnings...), which was the subject of a 1990's murder mystery film called 'Liebestraum'. It wasn't a very good film though- the local story that the brain of an executed murderer was in a jar at the top of the courthouse dome creeped me out alot more when I was a kid!



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