Sunday, March 21, 2010

Streetcar Sunday - Auckland, New Zealand

Last Sunday we looked at streetcars (or trams) in Sydney, Australia. This week we're off to Auckland, New Zealand.
This, from Wikipedia:
Auckland City had horse trams from 1884, and the electric trams was officially opened on 17 November 1902 - public service was delayed because the motormen from Sydney, Australia, were involved in the SS Elingamite shipwreck near Three Kings Islands 9 November 1902, in which three drowned. Public service commenced a week later, on 24 November 1902, and continued to 29 December 1956. They were replaced by trolleybuses and buses. While light rail is discussed as a future option for the city, there is currently only a heritage tram service between two main MOTAT museum sites, which runs parallel to part of the Point Chevalier tram route on Great North Road, but was not part of the original system.
With services running from downtown at the Waitemata Harbour, across to Onehunga on the Manukau Harbour, meant Auckland had the worlds' only 'coast to coast' tramway system.


  1. what a gorgeous black and white that is of beautiful ornate buildings! how wonderful...

    thanks for sharing!
    ciao bella

  2. I've been trying work out (from the clock) whether this photograph was taken at 11.10 or 13.55

  3. Martin, if you can determine where north is in this picture, then you could figure it out based on the direction of the shadows.

  4. This black & white postcard is nice !!



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