Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't Tell the Beauty Parlor

The message on the card reads:

We are having a fine trip. As far as I know we will be home late Fri night Aug 4th. We are all fine and hope you are too. You be careful. Don't say anything to the beauty parlor yet about us coming home as Charlene doesn't want to go back to work yet. Love Mary Jane


  1. that's funny! don't say anything....
    hope you're having a great day!

    I am feeling pretty chipper!

    ciao bella

  2. Too funny! You might expect that type of message to be in a more confidential form of mail. Also, I love the giant pre-photoshop pineapple!

  3. this postcard is great!
    & I love the story the message tells too.

  4. Hi Christine,

    Oh, this is my very favorite genre of vintage postcard: "fake giant food export" souvenirs. I have one from Idaho of a potato that takes up an entire flatbed railroad car, and I think it says the same thing ("They sure grow 'em big in Idaho!") Never seen this one, though. Love the message!

  5. Perhaps they should have written this message in code if they were hoping nobody in town was to know about their return. I mean, it's a postcard for crying out loud. Everybody reads the message! The postman no doubt went home and told the wife who told the neighbor and so on and so forth.

  6. Too funny, "don't say anything to the beauty parlor." It's a little too late now!



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