Friday, February 18, 2011

Lots O' Guns - Claremore, Oklahoma

This is a postcard folder you might want to send to someone who owes you a lot of money - as a subtle hint. There's no room to write a message anyway.
No, he aint foolin'.

There are 18 views in this folder. I'm just going to post some of them.
The museum is still there in Claremore, Oklahoma, though it has moved to a new location.


  1. The colour scheme too in those days were something peculiar.
    Something like the olden days "Eastmancolour" movies

  2. Palin-Davis/2012!!! I'm disappointed there aren't any shots (pun if desired) of the bedrooms...

  3. Love these -- how funny. (love that pun above too).
    Really fun to see what you come up with every day.

  4. You would get really confused here if someone said, "Go for your gun."

  5. And a perfect venue for a shotgun wedding.

  6. Yee-Haa, those cards are too cool. I've never paid much attention to folders, but I may have reevaluate my stance!

  7. What a gun cornucopia...Great postcards!
    I also love the Sands streetview from Google, for your previous post1 Wow!
    Please write, if you want, a quick review for my blog on - the link is in my blog, including the today's blogpost that you just visited.
    Thank you and best wishes! :)

  8. That's the kind of place a father would take his soon to be son-in-law or boyfriend of his daughter to for a "visit".

  9. I avoid most folders, but I like ones like this that have some interesting images in them.

  10. I love the top image!



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