Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day, Presidents' Day, President's Day

You decide. Which is it?
Tomorrow is Washington's birthday. Lincoln's birthday was February 12th. Some people think that Presidents Day is just Washington's birthday moved to a consistent and more convenient Monday. Others think of it as a combined Washington/Lincoln birthday, and still others think of this day as a day to commemorate all presidents. Since states are not required to observe federal holidays, observance varies. Some states still observe Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays separately, others don't.  The fact that I am posting George Washington cards and no Abraham Lincoln cards, only means that I have lots of Washington cards and very few Lincoln cards.


  1. That's an impressive collection of Washington postcards! I'm surprised I haven't come across more presidential cards, as they must have made a slew of 'em.

  2. Very nice postcards. I can't pick which one I like best. Probably the glitter one because of its uniqueness. Great collection!

  3. I can't imagine the Washington depicted on the first card leading an army, running a country or perhaps even tying his shoes- a very different image than the usual stoic/heroic 'father of the nation' look... But I love the personalized card with the sparkles- would the name have been done by the sender, by a merchant at a stall (like people who do caricatures at fairs these days), or sold prefabbed at stores like the bike license plates or key rings that say Jimmy, Sue, etc. we now see at hardware stores and trinket shops?

  4. hi Christine,
    die sind ja toll. Ich habe für diese altmodischen und herrlich kitschigen Karten viel übrig.
    Alles Liebe

  5. I always think of it as a combined Washington/Lincoln birthday.

  6. Anonymous,
    I think people added the glitter at home.

  7. Christine,
    Do you really think so? I've seen many cards with and without glitter, but I always assumed that they were sold both ways. (although the crude application of the glitter often has a home-spun look!)

  8. Wellll,
    Gee, I really don't know for sure. I actually just guessed because it had Helen's name on it. I also have the same card without glitter. Probably should have put that one up to. Does anybody know if this was done in stores or to order?

  9. You would think that the British equivalent of these cards - given the date of the postcard craze and the subject matter - would be a mass of photographs featuring Queen Victoria, but - to my limited knowledge - this doesn't seem to be the case. Perhaps those more knowledgeable about postcard history will be able to tell me if this is the case : and why



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