Sunday, February 20, 2011

Streetcar Sundays - Aberdeen, Scotland

I look forward to visiting Scotland some day soon. When I do, I hope to ride on the Edinburgh trams, assuming the project has been completed by then. Unfortunately, they won't have double-deck trams like the ones shown on this postcard of Aberdeen. They'll still be beautiful, but sleek and modern.

Aberdeen doesn't have any trams at all anymore, since the Aberdeen Corporation Tramways closed in 1958. I wonder if the difficult process with the new trams system in Edinburgh will serve as a deterrent to other Scottish cities who might have considered reintroducing trams.

Here's some beautiful old footage of buses and double-deck trams in Aberdeen.

Note: In case you're interested, I added several pictures to the Streetcar Sunday post for Montreal from several weeks ago.


  1. The music really adds a lot. It makes the trams look choreographed.

  2. That is a lovely video. The shot of the driver on the control lever brought back memeories for me.
    Also like the music in the movie.
    The trams in Bombay (Mumbai) closed soemwhere in the early sixties.
    I did write a post about it earlier:

  3. I like the 'Please Cross Here' sign, an early suggestion that crossing at corners might be more wise for pedestrians than jaywalking?

  4. I've spent years working in Aberdeen so know these street scenes well - years after the tram had gone. It's well named as the granite city.



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