Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Engagements

There's a royal wedding that everyone's talking about, and there are souvenirs to be bought - from teabags to refrigerators! I am guessing that the souvenirs were a little more tasteful when H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten were engaged in 1946 - tea sets, candy dishes and what not. Here's the happy couple.

If I had been there at the time to edit this card, I would have suggested that they spell out Royal Navy or leave it off entirely. To me, R.N. always means registered nurse. Google agrees with me on this.

In 1981, Prince Charles and Lady Diana announced their engagement. Among other things, it was a souvenir bonanza.  Time magazine featured a picture of a coffee mug with Prince Charles' face on it and his ear as the handle. For some unknown reason I had to have one, so I enlisted the help of my brother who was studying at the London School of Economics. (I think my words were: "Get me one of those!") He claims to have walked all over London in search of this elusive prize. In fact he made it sound like a real chore, but as we all know it's good for a person to get up and walk a bit when he's been sitting at a desk for a long time. And don't you think it was worth it?

There's a verse on the back of the mug that reads:
Whatever beverage brims in this cup 
Thank God and Prince Charles when you pick it up. 
And as you quaff it bless that same Grand Planner 
Who gave him for a bride the fair Diana.


  1. You shouln't always believe Google, it's American based (biased?) after all.

  2. Great post, so timely. Thanks!

  3. That caricature on the mug reminds me of the introductory title of "Yes Minister"

  4. Cool!
    By the same concept of protruding handles, think what other people's custom mug might look like...
    JLo, A. Eklund, P. Riapus...

  5. Oh, Dorin - that's too scary to think about.

  6. Interesting mug. I like the postcard.

  7. Christine, I want you to know that I still respect you -- despite the mug:)hehehe Gives a whole new meaning to that line, "Lend me your ears..."
    My favorite royal couple was Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier.

  8. I like the idea of pinching Chuck by the ear, Mr. 'Everything should look like Olde England' New Urbanist Planner... Saw that the wedding is supposed to cost from $32 to $64 million (that is a pretty generous error margin!) while Charles and Di did it for something like $6 million- either inflation is worse that I thought, or the Brits are blowing off that austerity plan I have been reading about, at least for the royals...

  9. Cool... I love the postcard.
    Just wonder is the souvenir meant to include series of postcards.

  10. Lay Hoon,
    I think there will be postcards too - although they seem to be losing in popularity.



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